Sunday, June 29, 2008

Favorite authors and more

Oh, happy day! My library system has a new program in which you can sponsor books. Each time your author writes a new book, you can pay for the book (at the library's lower cost) and be the first patron to read the book (with an expanded due date, too!). Thanks to the program, this weekend I walked away with I Shall Not Want, the sixth in Julia Spencer-Fleming's series. I discovered JSP last year and devoured all five books. As JSP says in this interview at Bookreporter, there will be a seventh novel, but the series will be limited. I'm not averse to that -- I think series should have a limit. But I will be digging into I Shall Not Want very soon!

One favorite author, Martin Edwards, writes about another favorite author, Peter Lovesey, and his most recent book, The Headhunters. Hmmm, another to add to my TBR list.

Susan Hill (yes, another favorite author. I have a long list, OK?) writes that she was puzzled about a recent review of the Serrailler series (the third of which is on my nightstand).

And over at The Washington Post, publisher Jonathan Karp has a must-read piece on the state of publishing. And what happens to books that don't sell ...


Clair D. said...

I wonder if that program includes getting small press books or not?

Small press books have a notoriously harder time getting into libraries. But some of them are SO good!

This is a cool program, though.

Kerrie said...

That sounds a really good scheme Lourdes.