Sunday, March 11, 2007

Read this!

J.B. Thompson has a great interview with Robert Fate on her blog. Fate's two books, Baby Shark and Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues, have been getting a lot of buzz on an online mystery discussion book. They center around a teenage pool hustler who is out to avenge her father's death. I have the books, so what have I been waiting for to read them?

For the true book addict: A New York Times article about LibraryThing. If you have 2,956 books (as one client does), this is where you can go to catalog them and talk about them with others.

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J.B. Thompson said...

Hi, Lourdes -

Great looking blog! Thanks for the link-up, and if it's okay I'll put you on my list as well.

I had a terrific time interviewing Bob, and his books are phenomenal.

Happy reading!
=) JB