Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Last Refuge by Chris Knopf

Protagonist: Sam Acquillo
Setting: Southampton, N.Y.
Rating: 4.4
The last refuge refers to Sam Acquillo’s nine-tenths of an acre next to the Little Peconic Bay, where he’s retreated after suddenly (and violently) quitting his engineering job, and following his divorce. There he lives peacefully with his dog Eddie (named after Eddie van Halen), until his elderly next-door neighbor is found dead in a bathtub filled with water. No one seems to find it suspicious, except for Acquillo, who knew she didn’t like to take baths – only showers. He gets himself named as administrator of her estate, only to uncover shady real estate deals and possibly other past murders. Acquillo writes about the real Hamptons – not the glittery, celeb-filled one, but the one in which the have-nots struggle to make a living. This is an author I will continue reading (this is the first in a four-book series). Not only can Knopf write a great mystery, but he had great, oddball characters; sharp, witty dialogue; and a portrayal of the Hamptons as it really is.

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Serena said...

Great to see another side of this region...I'm tired of those books about the ubber rich and the celebrities.